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I remember very well the day when I bought my car.
Agent delivered it to the mall parking, gave me a call and handovered the documents.
I sat inside, turned on the engine, put the documents in the glove box and closed my eyes.
I was smiling and laughing, I turned on the radio and was sitting there for around twenty minutes, just smiling to myself, full of the feeling that I finally have my own car! This wonderful emotion fulfilled me, spilling out of me, I just couldn't hold it, and sang something, and laughed out all the time.
I really had a hard time after I was promoted, roaming around all the stores all around the country by public transport, hanging in the bus stops with the heavy laptop on my shoulder, and the temperature outside was not less than 40 C that time.
It took me time to get the licence, which was not easy at all in that country. Government tried to control the increasing number of drivers from all around the world, and the process of getting the licence was very strict. I don't blame them.
Finally I was sitting in my own car, I was holding the steering and touching the brand logo on it, and I absolutely loved my life at that moment.
After a while I went out of the mall to smoke a cigarette, and one couple next to me asked me how to get to some place in the City, and we chatted, and I was so full of my happiness, that I poured my story on them, that I have just bought a car! I dont know, what they thought, maybe they considered me crazy, but I didn't care.
I was enjoying driving, feeling myself so full of life and joy.
I started buying CDs with my favourite music, and riding around, singing a songs.

Once B asked me to drop him from the mall to the garage, where he kept his car for service.
I was very proud, cause I finally owned a vehicle, and excited to drive him somewhere.
We sat inside, and I turned on G'n'R last album, and he smiled, murmuring the songs. I barely had an idea how to drive to that place, and he was guiding me. We were talking all the time about everything, and he told me that he had an LP player, and I replied, that I was brought up listening to the LP player, starting from the kids staff, to the gold rock vinyls, that my parents were listening to. He seemed surprised, and we shared our music favourites, finding each other with the same music taste, as if we were good old friends. He said, he was on G'nR live concert last year, and I felt so envious, but in a good way, of course. I thought, he was a cool guy. I always knew. And I was very proud to have this guy in my car on the passenger seat, singing my favourite songs along with me.
Then he realised, that we missed the exit, and we had to take another round, and another round of conversation, but no one seemed disappointed. I think we both enjoyed the ride, but finally I had to drop him, and he left the car, shaking my hand and smiling with sparkles. I told to myself, don't take it personal, this is your boss, and just shut up and be happy that your boss is such an amazing guy, but don't think, girl, just don't think about it.
Anyways, I didn't have much time to think, cause I was fully engaged with work. But sometimes I thought, I would be happy to repeat this ride. Maybe make it little bit longer.

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