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Now it's little bit difficult for me to recreate all the proper flow of events. But I have to try.

That was after my third (or forth?) seasonal meeting, when we all came to Irish Village. That was our second hanging out with colleagues after the seasonal meeting, that we celebrated there. First time was when I was drinking vodka with that cute girl, Brand manager of India, and was brought home by taxi with the deserved $100 in my sweaty fist, and a very high feeling about the night.

The place was lovely, the huge open space with lots of trees, massive wooden furniture in a stone floor, tough Irish girls throwing pints on the table, fat cats and geese wandering across your table, and a wonderful live soft rock performed by the guitarist on the stage.
Peaceful, so different from what we used to experience in Dubai, full of a freedom spirit, where nothing could harm you.

We combined a few tables to give enough room for all the people, and everyone was enjoying a cool beer that refreshing dark night, when you just had to raise up your head to see the bright stars through the leaves of the high trees, and feel life, how wonderful it was.
Everyone felt inspiration, and people were roaming around, changing seats in order to talk to each other, and move forward to share happiness and joy. We were taking lots of pictures, and as I look at them now, everyone seemed so young and beautiful that night.
At one moment I moved to the seat next to B, and my GM, as I wanted to talk to a girl from Bahrain. I wanted to talk more to B, but I felt shy. Still, as I was near, we made a small talk, something about my watches. Then we were interrupted by my GM, who suggested to take a round of sharing a one personal and one professional goal for everyone next season. People started talking, one by one, and I was surprised, how different were their thoughts, and what a wonderful things were spoken that night.
I honestly don't remember what B said that time. I still try to recall it, but I cannot remember. But it might have been something regular, because, by that time I knew, he would never share a personal moments with public. It might have been something, that didn't surprise me, cause I didn't pay attention.
Anyways, we were enjoying the night, but the time was late and we started moving. B was warning everyone not to drive, but all people still drove their vehicles.
I put on a Guns'n'Roses CD and texted him:
'Thank You for the wonderful night'
That was already a tradition.
He replied, in the same way. We exchanged a couple of good messages, wished each other a good night, and that was it.
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