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That winter of 2013-2014 as marked by two great concerts for me. Both were happening in Abu Dhabi, and I didn't even hesitate when taking a tickets. One was Guns'n'Roses in early Feb, the other was Metallica in March. We had to go, now or never, that's what I said to myself and my husband. Tickets were bought beforehand and I was looking forward to have a great time.

We have just shifted to a new flat, as I said, and that time we started our trips to Barracuda. This was nuts! As alcohol was prohibited in UAE, still there was one place, where you could buy liquor, on your own responsibility to get caught and deported from the country, with a heavy fine. Still we were going. Once a month we were making this insane 3 hours trip, nervous, feeling more like Bonnie and Clyde, with a trunk loaded with clinking bottles of Booz. But what a relief we felt, finally making it back home, sweet home, and pouring a glass of wine or whiskey into our hot and tired bodies...

That was a time, I think, when it got back to everyday drinking again. We did that back in Moscow, then there was a two-years break in Dubai, but finally it came to the truth of life. We didn't drink hard every day though. A glass of wine for dinner, and a two fingers of whiskey while smoking in a gazebo late night. Though, we were drinking every day. Sad, but true.

So the concert was approaching, and once, being in Dubai Mall, I shared my plans with B during a friendly talk. He seemed excited too.
'I was in GnR concert last year!' He said.
'Wow, how come you didn't call me!' I tried to joke with him.
He seemed a bit confused, but supported my laugher.
'Lets go altogether this time!' I offered, not really believing, but just being polite.
'Lets try, I would love to!' He beamed with a smile.
What a smile. Took me time to handle it, I hope, it didn't show.
He was so close to me, and a rush of the store during that busy time was creating a very exciting and energetic atmosphere around us. We all loved it. That's what retail people are about. You love the crowd in the store, you catch the stream, and you empower yourself and people around with the energy, good music, perfect mood and excitement. Plus, there were some Unidentified fluids in the air, and I was wondering, did he tell those from the general emotions, and whether I did as well...

Finally the day of the GnR concert came, we finished work early, me and my husband, and we hit the Abu Dhabi highway just to catch the last rays of setting sun, gradually eaten by desert dusk in the other side of the road. We took some sandwiches from petrol station, and we drove, eating, singing songs, and enjoying the freeway.

The concert was held on the arena covered by fresh grass, and we took some beers, and sat down. Concert didn't yet start, and I sent a message to B:
'We are in GnR. Are you here?'
The answer came immediately:
'No, had to drop it. Sorry. Enjoy your time and have fun'
And so we did. Concert was great, and we drove back home way after midnight, and collapsed like dead.

Next morning I found a message:
'How was the show?'
Took me by surprise, I didn't think he was really interested.
'Was terrific! They played like gods!'
'Great. Lucky you. I was there last year, too'
I know. Did he have amnesia, he mentioned this so many times to me?
So on, we exchanged a couple of messages.
And I was really surprised, why this man would chat with me. He never showed any signs of friendship, being professional, and I appreciated that way. Though, sometimes it felt like the breaking ice, like a first green spring cracking the snow, when we talked. There was something, and I thought, we both knew it by that time. But I never let myself think any further. And I was sure, that he didn't let it, too.
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